Your Choice for PRP Therapy and Laser Treatments

Find the cosmetic or medical procedure you need at Star Laser in Troy, MI. My services include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, hair growth treatments, joint injections, facial rejuvenation, and more. I focus on offering natural treatments and personalized medicine for cosmetic and medical purposes. With my health and beauty procedures, you won’t have to take medication or go through surgeries. Reach out to me today!

Benefits of PRP Therapy

I specialize in performing PRP therapy, a type of prolotherapy that is often used to encourage healing and reduce inflammation. It works by containing proteins in the blood that help wounds heal.

PRP can help:

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    Decrease osteoarthritis and tendonitis symptoms

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    Heal sports-related pains like plantar fasciitis and refractory jumper’s knee

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    Promote tissue regeneration in dental and oral surgery

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    Reduce lower back pain

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    Reverse hair loss

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    Treat unresponsive injuries or chronic pain

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If you’re looking for cosmetic or medical procedures, schedule a consultation with me. I will help you get the treatment that best suits your case.